Jumbo Franks
Got a jumbo-sized appetite? Grab a bun and bite into a frank with flavor that lives up to its size. Big taste. Big fun. All in one bun.

Big Red Smokeys
Into smoked meats big time? Kahn’s Big Red Smokeys are sure to satisfy. Big and Smokey bite after bite, this tasty sausage is the way to treat yourself right.

When nothing but the best will do, grab a Kahn’s meat wiener. The flavor that keeps them coming back for more. The quality you crave.

Craving the satisfaction of beef franks? Bite into the best and forget about the rest. It’s the taste no bun should be without.

Bun Size Franks
Who says size doesn’t matter? Enjoy the perfect Frank-to-Bun ratio when you bite into one of these delicious favorites.

Bun Size Franks
These Franks have it all. 100% beef and the perfect fit for your favorite bun. Make sure to reach for Kahn’s Bun Sized Franks for your next beefy craving.

Lit’l Ham
Don’t let the name fool you. This “Lit’l” ham packs a big punch whether you’re fixing sandwiches for the family or sprucing up your favorite recipe.
Honey Cured Ham
Like your meat a little sweet? Try Kahn’s Honey Ham for home-cooked flavor with a hint of honey. It’s the best thing to happen to sandwiches since sliced bread.
Deluxe Club Bologna
Grown-up bologna sandwiches could use a little beefing up. Pile Kahn’s Deluxe Club Bologna high for all the meaty flavor you can handle.